Base64 Decode

A free online tool to decode your encoded string by using this tool

About Base64 Encoder -

A simple and user-friendly web tool called allows you to convert any Base64-encoded data back to binary data.

You may start by entering any Base64-encoded data into the input textarea, and the programme will immediately decode it for you.

The input textarea will turn red and the output textarea will be cleared if the input is not a valid Base64 encoded string.

You can click in the output textarea to copy the decoded data after the input has been decoded.

Base64 encoding and decoding?

A method for encoding binary data into the ASCII character set is called base64 encoding. Encoding is necessary to send binary data securely via communication channels and protocols created to only handle text.

For instance, ASCII character set text data was usually supported by email servers. In order to transmit a picture or any other file over email, you must first encode it in Base64 format before sending the encoded data to the email server.

With Base64 decoding, the encoded data may be returned to the original picture or file at the receiving end. The opposite of base64 encoding is base64 decoding. The data that has been Base64 encoded is changed back to binary.

Keep in mind that Base64 should not be confused with methods for encryption or compression. It is only an algorithm for encoding. Base64 encoding should not be used to hide sensitive information.